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Common Questions

What fish are in season in PCB?

There is a variety of fish that are in season in Panama City Beach (PCB) depending on the time of year. Some common fish species that may be in season at various times throughout the year include redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead, snapper, grouper, amberjack, cobia, and more. Join Captain Alan and get a chance on targeting these species!

What fish can you catch in Panama City Florida? 

Panama City, Florida offers a diverse array of fish species that anglers can catch, including redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead, snapper, grouper, amberjack, cobia, and more. With its prime location along the Gulf Coast and access to St. Andrews Bay and nearby wrecks, Panama City provides ample fishing opportunities for both inshore and offshore fishing. And Captain Alan is the perfect fishing guide for you if you wish to experience the best fishing in Panama City, FL!

What is Florida most famous fish? 

Florida is renowned for its diverse and abundant fish population, but one of the most famous and sought-after fish species in the state is the tarpon. And although Captain Alan does not fish for Tarpon, you will still enjoy catching other top species with him!

A Fish Now PCB Fishing Charter targets the top Panama City Fish species including Common Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Red Snapper, Gray Triggerfish, Sea Trout, Redfish, Southern Flounder, King Mackerel, Greater Amberjack. We primarily Fish the Gulf of Mexico, Saint Andrew Bay.

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